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Emma Tutill Interior Design - Entrance Hall Mirror

Designed by: Emma Tutill Interior Design 
Frame Reference: A100 Reed
Mirror Size: 1035mm W x 1535mm H
Frame Finish: Imitation bronze on timber
Mirror Glass: 16 Venetian antique mirror panels

photography by Jonathan Bond

Work With Us

Working with both private customers and trade partners, we are happy to help with any framing project – no matter how small – and can answer any questions you might have along the way. Get in touch to start a conversation about how we can help.

How It works

Expert Craftsmanship

Made and finished by hand

We design, make, and finish all our frames in-house at our workshop. Each frame starts life as a plain timber moulding, before being built to the desired size and prepared for its bespoke finish. We prime most finishes with gesso to create a smooth base, giving our frames a seamless, uninterrupted finish, even at the mitred corners.

We finish our frames by hand and offer an impressive number of finishes, including classic waxed timber, high-gloss lacquer, metal leaf and gilded options.


Timber sourced from sustainable forests

In a continued effort to minimise our impact on the environment, we only work timber suppliers who can guarantee that our timber has been produced sustainably.

We also work with Carma to improve our social and environmental impact by planting a tree on your behalf for every new order placed. Carma collaborates with the Green Task Force, which works with veterans and is responsible for planting more than 3 million trees in and around the UK. Track our tree planting here.

Where possible, we use recyclable and recycled packaging materials for our frames and mirrors. The sustainable packaging options have improved over recent years, but we continually strive to improve our packaging and welcome suggestions and product recommendations.


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